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Source: Taarna #1
May 27, 2021
Heavy Metal Magazine magazine decided to mock fans who expressed their distaste for a recently revealed cover of the publisher's…
November 1, 2019
A senior editor for Heavy Metal has resigned from her position after alleging that she was targeted by a "bullying…
Interceptor #2 Cover
February 15, 2016
A captured, energetic young girl and a robot have to escape from a prison guarded by blood-sucking vampires who want
ReincarNATE #1
September 17, 2015
Private Investigator Nate McCoy has found himself on the wrong side of a gun during his investigation into the disappearance…
Roche Limit Cover
July 16, 2015
Michael Moreci’s Roche Limit’s movie rights have been optioned by Heavy Metal according to The Hollywood Reporter. The fantasy magazine…