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Alice (Pyper Braun) and Chauncey go on a scavenger hunt in Imaginary (2024), Blumhouse
March 14, 2024
In the review of Blumhouse's new thriller Imaginary, our writer Dante wonders how this company didn't come up with a…
Bloodshot 2_
November 10, 2020
Unnoticed success on digital may steer the likelihood of a sequel to Sony's Vin Diesel-led flop, Valiant's Bloodshot, says producer.
March 14, 2020
Bloodshot, only vaguely resembling the comic, is one of Jeff Wadlow's fragmented messes full of warmed-over ideas that don't quite…
February 18, 2020
Fantasy Island is ridiculous and trashy to the point that it feels like a soap opera. Is it done in…
March 22, 2019
A new report indicates that the Danger Girl movie will be directed by Fantasy Island director Jeff Wadlow and is…