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November 25, 2021
Batwoman found a way to race-bend Poison Ivy by giving her abilities to the Nicole Kang character despite casting of Pamela Isley.
July 20, 2021
Ruby Rose reveals that she suffered an allergic reaction to the latex suit and mask she wore during her time on Batwoman.
March 25, 2021
Ruby Rose wrote in on Instagram that she is feeling great and upbeat in regards to Wallis Day becoming the new Kate Kane in Batwoman.
March 22, 2021
In a surprise turn of events, Ruby Rose is actually being replaced as Kate Kane in Batwoman by Krypton actress Wallis Day.
March 13, 2021
Ruby Rose has revealed that she is open to coming back to Batwoman, although there she has one catch that has to do with the current story.
March 3, 2021
Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane has now mysteriously vanished twice, once in Batwoman and now again in a CW special devoted to their DC shows.
Batwoman - movie
November 17, 2020
Kate Kane may return as Batwoman, with a new rumor indicating the red-haired Gotham Knight is getting a solo film disconnected from The CW.
June 9, 2020
Batwoman showrunner and executive producer Caroline Dries explained why she is not recasting Kate Kane and creating a new character.
June 3, 2020
Ruby Rose exited Batwoman but someone new will play a different character — named Ryan Wilder according to a casting call — instead of Kate Kane.
September 30, 2019
Ruby Rose, star of The CW’s upcoming Batwoman series, had surgery to correct a neck injury from stunts that could’ve severed her spinal cord.