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February 25, 2022
Actress Charlize Theron has recently revealed that she was “scared s—tless” of co-star Tom Hardy on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road.
May 15, 2020
Mad Max creator George Miller recently provided an update on his Mad Max: Fury Road prequel film that is expected to center on a young Furiousa. 
August 6, 2019
YouTuber Jonathan Pageau exposes Hollywood propaganda in superhero films and specifically points to the trope of “replacing the masculine hero with a feminine one.”
April 28, 2015
I hope everyone has been having a lovely day today because if you aren’t having one today prepare to have […]
April 17, 2015
George Miller returns with his post-apocalyptic wasteland epic in Mad Max: Fury Road. Tom Hardy replaces Mel Gibson as Max […]