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Bloodthirsty #5 Cover
Cover C by Joel Carpenter
February 8, 2016
With Hurricane Rose in full swing and New Orleans’ poor and needy in the firing line, it’s going to take
Bloodthirsty #4 Cover
Cover B by Joel Carpenter
January 4, 2016
While New Orleans’ privileged prepare to party, the city’s disenfranchised batten down for the storm of the century. But with
Bloodthirsty #3 Cover
December 1, 2015
A HIGH PRESSURE LOW With another storm brewing and the city’s deathtoll rising, Coast Guard veteran Virgil Lafleur is forced
Bloodthirsty Alternate Cover
August 28, 2015
This September sees the launch of a brand new mini-series, Bloodthirsty, a visceral revenge thriller that merges the real-world hopes…