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May 30, 2018
Marvel 2 in One #6 by writer Chip Zdarsky, penciler Jim Cheung, inker Walden Wong, and colorist Frank Martin reveals the grim fate of the Fantastic Four members Reed Richards and Sue Storm.
Fantastic Four #1
April 19, 2018
Last month, Marvel Comics unveiled they were bringing back the Fantastic Four in a brand new series written by Dan Slott with art work by Sara Pichelli.
March 14, 2018
In Marvel 2 in One #4 by Chip Zdarsky and Valerio Schiti, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm along with their scientist partner Rachna receive brand new Fantastic Four suits and they are just ugly.
Doctor Doom
March 13, 2018
In Marvel 2 in One #4 by Chip Zdarsky and artist Valerio Schiti, Doctor Doom has become an even greater threat to the Marvel Universe than you might imagine!
Spider-Man villains
February 14, 2018
In Marvel 2 in One #3 Chip Zdarsky and Valerio Schiti bring back a treacherous Spider-Man villain who attempted to kill the Human Torch in the past.
Iron Man
February 14, 2018
Writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Valerio Schiti reveal Tony Stark’s latest, absolutely awful invention in the pages of Marvel 2 in OneL The Thing and the Human Torch.
January 25, 2018
In the second issue of Marvel 2 in One, Zdarsky and Cheung reveal the first true adventure of Reed Richards and Ben Grimm and it’s a funny one with Doctor Doom ending up being the butt of the joke!