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Yamato (Saori Hayami) finds herself lost in One Piece Episode 1003 "Tragic Sword! The Red Scabbards vs. Kaido Again" (2022), Toei Animation
July 11, 2023
‘One Piece Podcast’ host Steve Yurko is the latest activist to ignore Eiichro Oda’s words in order to push the ‘transgender Yamato’ narrative.
Yamato (Saori Hayami) is shocked to learn the battle is far from over in One Piece Episode 1024 "Oden Appears! The Confused Hearts of the Red Scabbards!" (2023), Toei Animation
July 7, 2023
‘One Piece’ English dub voice actress Michelle Rojas has ignored Eiichro Oda’s canon and reignited the debate over Yamato’s gender.