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June 16, 2023
DC Comics made it clear they are promoting homosexuality to children in their DC Pride 2023 #1 issue and for those who did not read they blasted it on Twitter.
April 22, 2021
There’s a new Superman in town, or there will be as of July, as Jonathan Kent is taking over in the cape in new DC series.
May 4, 2016
Midnighter and Apollo team up to take on The Unified and protect the citizens of Modoran from his genocidal actions. […]
April 29, 2016
Midnighter, Apollo and the Suicide Squad square off against The Unified—one of Henry Bendix’s most dangerous creations! Is their combined […]
March 10, 2016
Midnighter is taking on a solo career. His first mission involves tracking down stolen technology from the God Garden while […]