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April 6, 2016
Magnus, Turok, Solar, and Samson begin a new adventure together as they are drawn together by a force that threatens […]
Dejah Thoris #1 Cover
February 2, 2016
Dejah Thoris, the Princess of Barsoom, sets off on a path of self-discovery that takes her away from her love, […]
Vampirella / Army of Darkness #3 Variant Cover
September 8, 2015
When you crack open a crossover comic book about Ash and Vampirella, you know what to expect. You know what […]
Vampirella/Army of Darkness Preview Page
August 11, 2015
As far as a crossover goes, writer Mark Rahner hits all the notes you would expect in the second issue of Vampirella / Army of Darkness. Ash says one-line wisecracks, something-something deadites, and Vampirella runs around without much clothing on.
March 5, 2015
There are strange and sinister things afloat in the small, sleepy town of Blackcross. Is it good? Here at AiPT […]