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Pacific Rim Uprising-Gypsy Avenger
November 2, 2020
Pacific Rim animated series title, main characters, and monsters revealed in brand-new images of the franchise continuation.
Scott Eastwood
March 15, 2018
Graphic artist Boss Logic is back at it. He’s mocked up what actor Scott Eastwood could look like as Wolverine after the actor pitched he was interested in the role.
Pacific Rim Uprising
February 15, 2018
AMC Theaters has released an exclusive IMAX trailer for the upcoming Pacific Rim Uprising movie. The trailer is jam packed with action and of course features the iconic Jaeger suits as they do battle against even more monstrous and vicious Kaiju than the first film.
Pacific Rim Uprising
October 6, 2017
Legendary and Universal just released their first official trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising at New York Comic Con 2017.