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June 16, 2021
The Injustice 2 Mobile game has apologized for hosting a Pride Month celebration which asked players to fight bisexual villain Poison Ivy.
February 24, 2021
Today’s episode of The Daily Stupid features the hot wax treatments going viral on TikTok, a Boba Fett fan site embarrassing itself, a crazy woman berating a couple of good Samaritans, and ResetEra coming for Harry Potter.
November 15, 2020
Star Wars’ Obi-Wan Kenobi VA James Arnold Taylor has deleted his Parler account after an outrage mob took offense to the content he shared.
April 29, 2020
A ResetERA user has sparked discourse surroudning Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Barret Wallace, claiming the character is a walking stereotype of black people.
February 11, 2020
A lone ResetERA user has review bombed AI: The Somnium Files due to their dislike of the game’s mistreatment of the character A-set.
August 20, 2019
Voidpoint, the developers of Ion Fury, have come under fire after quotes from members of the team discussing ‘SJW’s and Trans issues surfaced on ResetERA.
May 24, 2019
An early preview of Sega’s Catherine: Full Body indicates that changes have been made to credits and dialogue regarding the game’s transgender character.