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Ruby (Millie Gibson) discovers a pair of goblins attempting to kidnap baby Lulubelle in Doctor Who Series 14 Episode 0 "The Church On Ruby Road" (2023), BBC
January 22, 2024
‘Doctor Who’ will reportedly be swapping out Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday for a new companion portrayed by ‘Andor’ actor Varada Seethu.
Isaac Newton (Nathaniel Curtis) informs The Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna (Catherine Tate) that they've landed in England, 1666 in Doctor Who Special 302 "Wild Blue Yonder" (2023), BBC
December 10, 2023
‘Doctor Who’ casting director Andy Pryor has blamed the backlash to his race-swapped casting of Isaac Newton on – surprise! – racism.
Isaac Newton (Nathaniel Curtis) attempts to grapple with his recent visitation in Doctor Who Special 302 "Wild Blue Yonder" (2023), BBC
December 4, 2023
Russell T Davies latest ‘Doctor Who’ special sees the practice of race-swapping applied to real-world historical figure Isaac Newton.
The Doctor's (David Tennant) is dismissed for being a man in Doctor Who Special 302 "The Star Beast" (BBC)
November 27, 2023
Russell T Davies’ return to ‘Doctor Who’ reads more like a self-insert, feminist fan fiction than a genuine sci-fi adventure.