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October 13, 2021
Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman doesn’t believe in defunding the police, as he considers their work to be very much a necessity.
July 12, 2021
Spike Lee recently pushed the narrative that black people are being hunted like animals by the police and called Donald Trump a “gangster”.
June 27, 2020
Spike Lee, the award-winning director of movies such as Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, and BlacKKKlansman, expressed that he feels the United States has an immoral foundation.
April 13, 2020
BlacKkKlansman director Spike Lee, who was at one time rumored to direct a Nightwatch film, views the coronavirus as a response from an angry Earth toward humanity’s actions on the planet.
June 7, 2019
Oscar winner Spike Lee called on Hollywood production companies based in Georgia to “shut it down” in response to the state’s passing of a heartbeat bill.
February 27, 2019
Captain Marvel star Samuel L. Jackson responded to President Donald Trump’s tweet regarding Spike Lee’s speech at the Oscar’s saying President Trump’s got a “big plantation.”
February 24, 2019
BlacKkKlansmen director Spike Lee called for Americans to mobilize against President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 Presidential election while accepting the Academy Award for the Best Adapted Screenplay.
February 14, 2019
BlacKkKlansman director Spike Lee appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and called Christopher Columbus a terrorist and revealed he wasn’t taught that George Washington owned slaves in school.
March 14, 2018
Spike Lee and Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari are reportedly working together to bring Marvel character Nightwatch to the big screen for Sony.