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Screenshot - Chad Hardin, Harley Quinn cover
April 6, 2023
Ethan Van Sciver is back to comment on the degeneracy of DC and Harley Quinn in an issue adapting the adult HBO Max cartoon.
December 30, 2021
Vixen is the latest DC character to become LGBT, this time in the world of the Harley Quinn animated HBO Max show.
July 15, 2021
In their latest issue of DC Connect, DC Comics showed off their new Harley Quinn series spinning out of the Harley Quinn HBO Max animated show.
Arrow Star Stephen Amell Accused of Racism by Fans, Including Image Comics Author Tee Franklin, for Thoughts on Recent Protests and Riots
June 9, 2020
Arrow star Stephen Amell has become the latest CWverse star to be accused of racism, with fans taking issue with his thoughts on the recent US protests.