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'Private American' Cover C by Dan Lawlis.
'Private American' (2023), Cover C artwork by Dan Lawlis.
February 10, 2023
Far-left activists tried to cancel Mike Baron’s ‘Private American’ graphic novel. They failed and now Baron’s readying a lawsuit.
Source: Thin Blue Line
January 24, 2022
An activist moderator on the popular /r/Comics subreddit, which boasts membership of over 1.7 million readers, banned promotion of prolific comic book creator Mike Baron’s new book Thin Blue Line for “misinformation and racism.”
Source: Thin Blue Line
January 10, 2022
Long-time Punisher writer and the creator of Nexus, Mike Baron, recently explained that his upcoming pro-police graphic novel Thin Blue Line is a direct response to the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots of 2020.
Source: Thin Blue Line
October 22, 2021
Mike Baron launches crowdfund campaign for pro-police graphic novel, Thin Blue Line.