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Maverick (Tom Cruise) puts his faith in his team as they prepare to execute their mission in Top Gun: Maverick (2022), Paramount Pictures
January 13, 2024
Paramount Pictures has reportedly begun development on a third entry in Tom Cruise’s high-flying – and high-earning – ‘Top Gun’ franchise.
Split image of Zeeshan Aleem and Tom Cruise as Maverick in 'Top Gun: Maverick'
March 13, 2023
Another radically Left-wing talking head at MSNBC goes on the attack against America, this time by throwing shade at ‘Top Gun: Maverick.’
December 12, 2022
Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski recently indicated that Maverick’s story isn’t over and a sequel could be in the works.
Split image of Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer
August 22, 2022
Legendary Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer spills the not-so-secret beans on why Top Gun: Maverick was such a smash hit.
May 25, 2022
Top Gun: Maverick takes full advantage of the upgrade in technology not just in its vehicles but in filmmaking as well. Tom Cruise may be an insane perfectionist but without him, we wouldn’t have gotten what amounts to the best film in 2022 so far. 
March 29, 2022
Paramount Pictures released their latest trailer for their upcoming Top Gun: Maverick film and it sees Tom Cruise flying high.
January 8, 2022
Tom Cruise has been in a ton of movies over his career, here are the ten coolest.
December 16, 2019
Tom Cruise stars in the latest trailer for the upcoming Top Gun Maverick film.Take a look.
July 24, 2019
The latest trailer for Tom Cruise’s upcoming Top Gun: Maverick film revealed that two patches from Cruise’s iconic bomber jacket […]
Tom Cruise Top Gun
May 31, 2018
Tom Cruise shared a first look at the upcoming Top Gun sequel. But he also seemingly confirmed that production has begun on the project as he included with the poster, “#Day1.”