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Iron Man
January 25, 2018
After returning to America in Iron Man, what was the first thing Tony Stark did? Did he call a press…
Batman and Robin Identity Crisis
January 18, 2018
Tim Drake's father, Jack Drake, is murdered, but who is the killer? Could it be Captain Boomerang? Find out as…
Batman vs Superman Baseball
January 10, 2018
Batman is capable of many feats that ordinary humans are unable of accomplishing, but could Batman actually hit a baseball…
December 30, 2017
Did Zatanna Zatara wipe Batman's mind during Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales
October 31, 2017
Even casual readers and fans of the X-Men might recall Mystique being the mother of Nightcrawler. Some newer fans and…
October 24, 2017
Will you fall for Loki's Deception or will you be able to see through his tricks. Loki asks, Is the…