The Legion of Doom: 15 Villains Perfect for DC’s Injustice League


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Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke is the only notable character introduction in Justice League. The team is the central, and ultimately only focus of the entire film. It’s left to the final moments of the post-credits sequence to get the ball rolling on what the DCEU will turn out to be. The sight of the Katana-wearing, armor-clad mercenary drew cheers from every crowd in attendance. Not only that, but the look and casting are absolutely spot-on. The Deathstroke solo-film could be the perfect launching point for the Injustice League. One thing is for sure Manganiello is already making the character look like DC’s biggest badass.

1 2 3 4 19
  • RJ

    They missed the Kinglyness of Arthur Curry. Aqua man is the King of a underwater world. I WOULD BEG THE EXECUTIVES TO WATCH THE JUSTICE LEAGUE 2001-2006 SERIES AND CAPTURE THE ESSENCE OF WHO THESE CHARACTERS ARE. I mean there is talk of a young John Stewart, really a young guy who served in the marines and has been fired in his job as an architect. And oh by the way a young guy selected by the Guardians based on his will power. How many trials and tribulations has a young guy endured. And worse they want to change the Guardians policy of allowing their Green Lanterns to operate AUTONOMOUSLY, and have Hal as his mentor. As usual, put some on on top of the black guy, because he can’t be trusted to operate without SUPERVISION. Really. I would say send them both to sector 2814 as EQUALS and allow them to operate as such…Grown men have to figure it out.

    EXECUTIVES PLEASE WATCH JUSTICE LEAGUE 2001-2006…It is what people know. Get in touch with the characters and do not make them into who you want them to be, yes you can add new characters in the future and give your twist, but the ones we know needs to be the ones we know…

  • Aurobindo Ghosh

    why make another movie when the first one was doomed?