Comic Book Review: Superman #5

It is truly mind-boggling that the Superman series is only five issues in yet it continues to outshine other DC titles. Superman #5 particularly stands out because it makes up for the previous issue’s flaws and continues to add on to the Superman mythology. The issue picks up where issue 4 left off and hits it into overdrive as Clark takes his family to the moon where he intends to face off against Eradicator without further collateral damage in Metropolis.

Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason have definitely made great strides since the previous issue. The first moment that resonated with me was when Clark explains to his son why he decided to fly them to the moon. The exchange of dialogue was vital in showing the mindset that Clark has and how important it is for him to preserve lives and cities.

We also get to see another extraordinary teaching moment between father and son. Tomasi and Gleason show Jonathan Kent’s full emotional range throughout the issue, but the most interesting moment is when we get to see Lois Lane in full action akin to her personality before Flashpoint. Tomasi and Gleason definitely redeem Lois as she has the most amazing action panels ever seen in a Superman comic.

Superman #5

The dialogue between Lois and Jonathan stands out and seems very grounded and unexaggerated. Even the Eradicator has a somewhat emotional soliloquy as you see that his purpose is not one of evil, but merely out of preservation. Another notable moment from the issue was the “Easter Egg” or cameo. It may have been very obvious and blatant, but certainly never overshadowed the overlying plot and was used effectively to progress the story further.

The most notable aspect of the issue is the art. Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza, and Will Quintana have done an outstanding job by adding intricate articulation and bold coloring that makes the characters’ motions seem more realistic. The shadowing of the characters’ profile adds a level of suspense that is very reminiscent of a science fiction film. The panel transitions are also something to be lauded. They add a high level of energy and motion that maintains a dark thrilling tone. The hard-hitting punches of Superman and energy blasts from the Eradicator seem to leap off the page and add a more immersive sensation. The detailing and pacing of this issue didn’t very much feel like a comic but rather like watching a Superman film with a dash of Predator.

Superman #5


It’s truly remarkable to see how DC was able to turn things around from the highly divisive New 52 series, largely in part to Tomasi and Gleason setting a high bar for the other titles. Lois and Jonathan certainly stand out and show how important supporting characters are in the Superman series. With the amazing artwork that truly elevated the Superman #5’s storytelling ability, it will certainly be hard to live up to expectations the fans will want in the next installment.

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