After Teasing a New Project, Sean Gordon Murphy Reveals Details on Batman: Curse of the White Knight!

Last night, Sean Gordon Murphy teased an upcoming project with a fantastic look at Azrael. I speculated the new project would be a Batman: White Knight sequel, and this morning Murphy confirmed Batman: Curse of the White Knight would be a sequel to Batman: White Knight.

In an interview with Paste, Murphy discussed what readers can expect Batman: Curse of the White Knight.

Murphy’s first big revelation is that Azrael will actually be a “threat far greater than the Joker ever was.”

“For Batman: Curse of the White Knight, I’m rewriting a former Batman ally to become a threat far greater than the Joker ever was.”

Murphy also promised there would be an epic car chase scene in Batman: Curse of the White Knight:

“And don’t worry about Batman: Curse of the White Knight, there’s an even better chase scene I’m working on…”

While Murphy didn’t go into too many details about Batman: Curse of the White Knight, DC Comics did reveal the first synopsis:

“In this explosive sequel to Sean Murphy’s critically acclaimed blockbuster BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT, the Joker recruits a savage partner to help him expose a shocking revelation about the Wayne family’s legacy and run Gotham into the ground. As Batman rushes to protect the city and his loved ones from this corrupt conspiracy, the mystery of his ancestry unravels and deals a devastating blow to the Dark Knight. Exciting new villains and unexpected allies will clash across history in this unforgettable chapter of the WHITE KNIGHT saga—and the truth about the blood they shed will shake Gotham to its core!”

He would reveal that this book will be more Batman centric than White Knight. It will also delve less into political issues.

This book will fall under DC Comics’ mature imprint, DC Black Label.

The book is expected to ship as a standard comic book size.

DC Comics nor Sean Gordon Murphy revealed a specific release date. However, the first issue will not be coming out this year. It will be sometime in 2019. Are you excited for Batman: Curse of the White Knight?

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