Report: James Gunn to Direct Suicide Squad 2

Update: Warner Bros. confirmed to Gamespot that Gunn will write the next installment of the Suicide Squad. They told Gamespot, “It is confirmed that James Gunn is writing the next installment of the Suicide Squad franchise.”

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According to multiple reports, embattled director James Gunn, who was fired by Disney earlier this year, will return to direct Warner Bros. and DC Films’ Suicide Squad 2.

The report comes from The Wrap which indicates Gunn will “have a completely new take on the property, in which DC supervillains are recruited by the government to carry out secret missions too dirty for the likes of Superman and Batman.” The Wrap indicates that “three insiders” have confirmed Gunn will direct Suicide Squad 2. The Wrap’s report was also corroborated by another one at Deadline that states, “James Gunn has been hired by Warner Bros and DC to write and possibly direct Suicide Squad 2. ”

The report doesn’t give any other details on what Gunn’s vision for the Suicide Squad will be or if it will even be a true sequel to the first film directed by David Ayer. That film grossed over $746 million at the global office.

A sequel has been in limbo for some time. Back in September of 2017, Gavin O’Connor was expected to write and direct the sequel. Before that, Jaume Collet-Serra was expected to direct a Suicide Squad sequel. Even Mel Gibson’s name had been in the running.

In June of 2017, star Joel Kinnaman told The Hollywood Reporter he expected the sequel to begin filming sometime this year. That hasn’t panned out.

As to what Suicide Squad 2 would be about there have been a number of rumors. One of the biggest rumors saw O’Connor’s Suicide Squad pit the team against Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke.

Another strong contender in the rumor mill is the arrival of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adam. This idea saw the Suicide Squad trying to track down a weapon of mass destruction. The weapon actually turns out to be Black Adam. This might be the most believable version as it would introduce Black Adam to the DC Extended Universe as a cameo. The Suicide Squad might be busy spending their time tracking down this weapon only to actually awaken the “weapon” or Black Adam by the end of the movie, setting up a potential showdown between Captain Marvel aka Shazam! and Black Adam in the future.

It’s unclear if these reports pan out to be true if Gunn will use any of these ideas or if he will forge a new path for the Suicide Squad. Gunn was fired from Disney after dozes if not hundreds of Tweets resurfaced involving child rape and pedophilia.

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