Former DC Comics artist and Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver recently started a Go Fund Me campaign to help support Richard C. Meyer’s lawsuit against former Marvel Comics and DC Comics writer Mark Waid.

The Go Fund Me indicates Diversity & Comics is “a critic of the far leftist influence” in comic books. It goes on to detail how he took a stand against this influence, “He became a YouTube critic of comic books when he noticed a clear pattern of political hectoring within these superhero stories, but far worse, a diseased practice of political harassment by comic book professionals towards their customers online.”

The Go Fund Me then indicates how Meyer became the target of people like Mark Waid:

“He stood up and articulated the feelings of frustration that thousand and thousands of comic book fans felt as they watched their hobby twisted into a megaphone for extremists.  And he gained a large following for it.

This came with consequences. Those he criticized formed a targeted harassment campaign against him, smearing his good name and attempting to ruin his life.”

We’ve documented on numerous occasions the smears against Meyer from Taneka Stotts insinuating he’s a rapist to Tim Doyle sending a threatening letter targeting his kids. Mark Waid also got in on the act this past Summer as did Ron Marz.

Despite, the repeated smears from numerous people, Diversity & Comics responded by teaming up with Jon Malin and Brett R. Smith for Jawbreakers – Lost Souls. He would go on to crowdfund over $400,000. The Go Fund Me indicates this huge crowdfunding campaign sent people like Mark Waid into a panic.

“They panicked.

Mark Waid, a bully with a history of harassing those who disagree with him, took it upon himself to call Zack’s publisher and interfere with the contract they had between them.  He bragged about it, before and after doing it.  He scared this publisher.”

What ended up happening is Antarctic Press cancelled their deal with Meyer to publish Jawbreakers. And now Meyer is suing Waid for tortious interference and defamation due to Waid’s alleged interference. Waid recently launched his own Go Fund Me to crowdfund his defense campaign and Van Sciver believes this is Waid trying “to enshrine his ability to threaten anyone opposed to him, to ruin lives, reputations, and careers in virtue signaling tantrums.” He goes on to describe Waid as “at the very heart of the problem in comics.”

Finally, Van Sciver concludes:

“Donate now.  Donate generously.  This man needs to be stopped by legal means, and never permitted to do this to another creative person again.  Make your statement here.”

The Go Fund Me has already raised over $39,000 at the time of printing. Waid’s Go Fund Me campaign sits at over $61,000.