Exclusive: Take a Look at Three Pages for Alt-Hero #5!

Akrhaven Comics’ and Vox Day’s Alt-Hero #5 is just around the corner and to get you ready for the upcoming digital release we’ve got three exclusive interiors as well as the cover for the upcoming issue to share with you.

Not only do we have three exclusive interior pages, but writer Vox Day shared with us some big news that Arkhaven Comics will now be able to print their comics at the standard size of 6.625 x 10.25.

Take a look at the pages:

Alt-Hero #5 Alt-Hero #5 Alt-Hero #5 Alt-Hero #5

Here’s the official description for Alt-Hero #5:

“The directors of the United Nations Superhuman Protection Council have learned the hard way that putting pressure on the families of the next-gen renegades is a game far too dangerous to play. But their newfound limitations does not mean they don’t have other resources on which to call, resources that are every bit as dangerous as the homo sequenses they are hunting!”

Vox Day also informed us that Alt-Hero #5’s digital edition should be available by next week, so you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the book!

He also gave us an update on his current crowdfunding plans. Arkhaven Comics saw their most recent IndieGoGo campaign for Alt-Hero Q by legendary writer Chuck Dixon pulled from the platform. In response, Vox launched a stealth crowdfunding campaign where he raised over $130,000 in two days from over 1100 backers for the comic book project. He also began working on developing his own independent crowdfunding platform, and it appears that development is rapidly approaching completion as he expects his crowdfunding engine to go live on his upcoming Arkhaven Comics site next week.

Are you excited about Alt-Hero #5? Will you be picking it up?


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