Rumor: Rocksteady Working on Batman: Arkham Crisis

A new rumor indicates Rocksteady Studios, the game developer behind the beloved [easyazon_link identifier=”B003C1I0CO” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Arkham Asylum[/easyazon_link], [easyazon_link identifier=”B007SRM5MO” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Arkham City[/easyazon_link], and [easyazon_link identifier=”B00IQCRKT8″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Arkham Knight[/easyazon_link] games is working on a new Batman: Arkham Crisis game.

PlayStation Lifestyle reports an alleged play-tester for the game detailed Rocksteady has been working on the project for two years, and that the game is expected to launch around Halloween 2019.

The game is expected to have 12 acts with each act around an hour long. While Arkham Knight allowed players to drive around Gotham in the Batmobile, Arkham Crisis will allow them to pilot the Batwing. Like the Batmobile it can be used in combat as well as for transportation.

Unlike previous Arkham games, this one reportedly has a co-op mode with various side missions. These side missions are supposed to take much longer to complete.

The game will also have a day/night cycle and an absolutely enormous map that might be even bigger than Grand Theft Auto V’s.

The play-tester indicates the game is expected to be announced in March.

Rumors have swirled around what Rocksteady might be up to since they released Arkham Knight all the way back in June of 2015.

Last June, the big rumor was that Rocksteady was working on a Superman game,ย and that the game would be announced in a feature story on Game Informer. That never happened.

One thing is clear, Rocksteady is working on a project. Rocksteady’s head of marketing Gaz Deaves told fans to be patient back in 2017 teasing that when they do make an announcement “people are going to lose their minds.”

And Rocksteady has made several announcements that they are looking to hire. The most recent was for Quality Assurance Testers.

Do you think Rocksteady is working on a new Batman Arkham game? Or do you think they are working on another of DC’s iconic characters? Which character do you hope they are working on?

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