Arkhaven Comics provided us with an exclusive preview for Alt-Hero #6: The Dark Hunt.

Alt-Hero #6: The Dark Hunt is written by Vox Day with illustrations by Cliff Cosmic and colors by Arklight Studios.

Here’s the official description:

“In the aftermath of the Paris battle between Antifa and Generation Identitaire, the hunt for the criminal superhumans Jean-Michel Durand and Christian Foucault continues. And when the two outlaws finally emerge from hiding in a desperate attempt to escape from France, the Global Justice Initiative is on the case!”

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Vox Day informed us that this issue will go on sale on February 25th.

Take a look at the preview pages:

Alt-Hero #6 Alt-Hero #6 Alt-Hero #6 Alt-Hero #6 Alt-Hero #6 Alt-Hero #6

Vox Day also let us know that following the publishing of this sixth issue, the first Alt-Hero paperbacks and hardcovers will be delivered to backers in March.

Alt-Hero was originally crowdfunded on Freestartr and blew past it’s original goal of $25,000. It would eventually raise $244,565.

The series has already spawned a couple of spin-off series with Chuck Dixon’s Avalon as well as Alt-Hero: Q.

What do you make of these preview pages? Do you plan on picking up Alt-Hero #6?

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