A new report indicates that Funimation previously conducted an investigation into voice actor Vic Mignogna. This initial investigation “was inconclusive.”

io9 reports that two individuals attached to the [easyazon_link identifier=”B07MLB1DBG” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Dragon Ball Super: Broly[/easyazon_link] film appraoched Funimation executives and requested Mignogna be removed from the project and a new voice actor found for Broly. This allegedly took place during the summer of 2018 following “improper conduct allegations” against Mignogna.

The report indicates that their source was present at a meeting where the request to remove Mignogna was made. However, this same source indicates that Funimation told them they were already conducting an investigation into Mignogna. They also indicate the investigation was “inconclusive.” Mignogna would remain on the project and give voice to Dragon Ball Super: Broly which grossed over $30 million at the domestic box office.

However, Funimation would announce Mignogna was recast in Morose Monokean Season 2 “following an investigation.” They would also state “Funimation will not be engaging Mignogna in future productions.”

It’s unclear if this is the same investigation as reported by io9 or if this is a secondary investigation that was performed following the allegations that went public after the success of Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Mignogna has been accused of sexual misconduct by fellow voice actors Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial as well as a number of other individuals.

Mignogna has denied the allegations repeatedly. In an appearance at Bak-Anime 2019, Mignogna defended himself:

“Now I have to just say this, but any kind of claims of assault or  molestation or abuse, no. My heart hurts for the people that actually have been and my heart hurts for anyone who feels that. I am mortified to think that I would have made somebody feel that way.”

Despite Mignogna’s denial, not only did Funimation recast him, but he was also removed from Rooster Teeth’s RWBY. Fantasy Soft has publicly stated they still stand behind Vic Mignogna.

Mignogna has confirmed he has acquired a legal team, and Nick Rekieta has set up a GoFundMe to raise funds for Mignogna’s legal team.

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