Avengers: Endgame actor Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner and the Hulk, announced on Twitter that he would be joining filmmaker Michael Moore for the “2020 blue deluge!”

Instead of fighting Thanos, he will be joining the left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore to find a way for Democrats to take back the office of the United States President after Donald Trump won in 2016.

Ruffalo tweeted, “Last night with @MMFlint and @WSUCampaign planning strategy for the 2020 blue deluge!”

@WSUCampaign is the We Stand United organization. Their website claims that they were “started as an idea to foster connections and unity, and to provide a hopeful vision in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election.” It adds, they “build alliances and collaboration across the resistance movement and around critical fights.”

Ruffalo previously participated with the group during a 2016 rally outside of Trump International Hotel and Tower the night before Donald Trump’s Inauguration. He was joined by other celebrities including Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Marisa Tomei, Julianne Moore, Robert De Niro and others.

The group was involved in the 2018 mid-term cycle and produced a video featuring Marvel TV’s Rosaio Dawson and actress Julianne Moore that claimed there was a humanitarian crisis at our border. It claims the Trump administration violated international law by detaining individuals who were seeking asylum. The video goes on to make the claim that President Trump’s administration wanted to imprison children indefinitely.

The views expressed in the video are similar to Scandal actresses Kerry Washington’s views. She made her view clear after she visited a migrant camp in Mexico where she claimed President Trump’s immigration policy was “traumatizing children.”

Michael Moore is no stranger to progressive politics and political activism. Much of his film work centers around political activism, on hot controversial issues such as gun control, healthcare, and economic systems. Both plan on attempting to create another blue wave in the upcoming 2020 election where they hope to unseat President Trump from office.

Mark Ruffalo is no stranger to using his celebrity status gained from appearing in Marvel Studios’ Avengers films for political activism. Last fall, before the official title of Avengers: Endgame was released, Ruffalo teased a fake title for Avengers: Endgame telling a fan that it was Avengers 4: Register to Vote.

Ruffalo isn’t the only Avengers to use his celebrity status to get political. Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson went all out for a congressional race last cycle, even cleaning a cat litter box in a campaign ad so the candidate would have more time to campaign. He responded to criticism of his expressing his political views by stating, “F*** you.

Chris Evans, Scarlett Johannsoon, Don Cheadle, Mark Ruffalo, and Chadwick Boseman also appeared in the anti-gun group March for Our Lives video encouraging people to vote in the 2018 mid-term elections.

What do you think of actors using their platforms to push their views? Are you interested to see what Ruffalo has planned with Michael Moore? Let me know your thoughts!

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