First Look for Batman: Hush Animated Movie Leaks Online

A sneak peek for the upcoming Warner Bros. Animation adaptation of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s Batman: Hush has leaked online.

Reddit user AldebaranTauro uploaded the sneak peek for the film to Reddit.

Take a look at the clip here.

DC announced the Batman: Hush animated project last July at San Diego Comic-Con alongside Justice League vs. Fatal Five, and Wonder Woman: Bloodlines.

The original comic book storyline began in Batman #608 in 2003 and would run through Batman #619. The story introduced the character named as Hush, who was actually a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne named Thomas “Tommy” Elliot.

Elliot would kill his father and severely injure his mother by cutting their car’s brake line. His mother was only saved due to the intervention of Dr. Thomas Wayne. She would eventually disown him, leading him to suffocating her with a pillow. Her death would allow him to inherit the family fortune. He would go on to become a surgeon, but held an irrational grudge against Bruce Wayne. He would eventually discover Batman’s identity and create an elaborate plot in order to destroy him.

The film will include a who’s who of voice actors Jason O’Mara will play Batman, Peyton List will voice Batgirl, a separate Peyton List of Gotham and Mad Men fame will also Poison Ivy, Jennifer Morrison will voice Catwoman, Jerry O’Connell reprises his role as Superman, Rebecca Romijn plays Lois Lane, Rainn Wilson is Lex Luthor, Sean Maher is Nightwing, Stuart Allan is Damian Wayne, James Garrett is ALfred, Maury Sterling is Hush, Geoffrey Arend is Riddler, Vanessa Villiams is Amanda Waller, Jason Spisak is Joker, Adam Gifford is Bane, Dachie Alessio is Lady Shiva, and Tara Strong plays a reporter.

The film is directed by Justin Copeland based off a screenplay by Ernie Altbacker.

What do you think about this sneak peek for Batman: Hush? Do you plan on picking this one up?

**Editor’s Note** We removed the embed of the Reddit movie at the request of Warner Bros. However, you can still hit the link above or here to view the leaked trailer.

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