Facebook Responds to Bounding Into Comics 250k+ Fan Page Being Deleted and Restored

A representative for Facebook has responded to Bounding Into Comics 250k+ fan page being deleted and then subsequently restored to the social media platform.

The Facebook page was deleted and removed on Monday, May 6th around 10:20 a.m. ET. As I previously recounted, Facebook logged me out of my personal Facebook account, which I use to manage the Bounding Into Comics page. Upon logging back in I received a number of alerts from Facebook.

The first alert indicated that Bounding Into Comics Facebook page had been removed because it violated “the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.” Subsequent alerts seemingly indicated we had infringed or violated someone else’s rights.

Facebook never provided any specifics as to how we violated their Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Following the page’s removal, we attempted to contact Facebook believing the page had been taken down inadvertently. After waiting more than 24 hours for a resolution or response from Facebook, we went public with the page being taken down in an extensive write-up detailing the timeline of events.

After going public with the page being taken down on May 7th, we received an outpouring of support from our fans, readers, and supporters.

The page would be restored late at night on Wednesday May 8th around 10:30 p.m.

After the page had been restored is when we finally heard back from a Facebook Publisher & Media Support Analyst.

This analyst told us:

“Regarding your query, just to clarify, from the screenshot you provided it seems that the page in question that was removed is as follows – https://www.facebook.com/boundingintocomics/

However when I visit this link, it renders a page for me.

I will attach a screenshot of this for you.

As such could you clarify the link of the page removed.

You should still be able to access the link of the page, it just wouldn’t render a page.”

The analyst provided us the following screenshot:

As you can see the last post was our Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer article, which was posted on May 6th.

When we asked for further clarification on why the page was taken down. We did not receive a response.

While it’s still unclear exactly why Facebook took down our page, we are glad that it has been restored. And we are extremely grateful and truly humbled by the fan support we received after the page was taken down.

While we are happy to continue publishing to our Facebook audience. We do plan on continuing to grow our presence on other social media platforms including MeWe and Gab.

We also encourage everyone to sign-up for our newsletter. Social Media companies cannot deplatform our newsletter. It is the best way for us to stay in touch.

Once again, thank you everyone. We are humbled.

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