After an assault at the Tin Roof Bar at Gen Con, The Quartering’s Jeremy Hambly hired Bill Richardson to sue the attacker Matt Loter.  Today, the YouTuber provided his fans with a final update on the lawsuit, the situation with Loter, and other details.

The video contains a statement from Matt Loter admitting he attacked Hambly and apologizing for it.

Loter states:

“Hi this is Matt Loter. Some of you know me as Matt Fantastic. Just prior to GenCon 2018, I let my anger get the best of me and physically confronted Jeremy Hambly outside a bar in Indianapolis over statements he made about me previously. I unequivocally take responsibility for my actions which were wrong and apologize to Jeremy for my thoughtless conduct. I do not now or ever believe Jeremy to be a Nazi. Nor do I believe violence is the answer to settling personal issues.”

Loter adds:

“Jeremy and I have resolved our legal disputes and I have written GenCon asking him to be unbanned. I have no further comment.”

Following Loter’s apology, Hambly also reads a pre-written statement, where Hambly accepts Loter’s apology and also reveals the two reached a “confidential settlement agreement.” He then goes on to thank those who helped him with his legal costs.

Hambly states:

“Jeremy Hambly here. As an update to the litigation, Matt Loter and I have resolved our dispute. I have accepted his apology. And I am satisfied with our other terms of our otherwise confidential settlement agreement. In my view, justice has been served. Accordingly, I have removed my prior public statements about the situation and have written GenCon asking that he be unbanned.”

Hambly continues:

“As promised, to those who generously donated to my legal fund, the remaining donations have been given to the Humane Society. Thank you all for supporting me during this time and through this process. I will have no further comment.”

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