Humpty Dumpty doesn’t have anything on these X-Men…

The very best and most dangerous X-Men are the ones that can take a hit and keep moving going. It’s what made having a healing factor sometimes better than the power to fly, fire energy beams, or read someone’s mind. Of course, it’s not the only ace a mutant can have. Healing factors and invulnerability is only the tip of the iceberg. It does go beyond just healing fast. Speaking of invulnerability, we won’t be touching that on this list. That’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax we can get into later.

Let’s take the time to countdown the 10 most unkillable characters in the X-Men universe.

10. Honey Badger

Honey Badger

Gabrielle, laughably also known as Honey Badger (it’s a stupid name) is one of many clones created from X-23’s DNA. Of course, this makes her yet another version of Wolverine, and sort of X-23’s little sister/daughter. Perhaps Logan’s granddaughter/daughter? It’s weird. But like a copy of a copy, there’s a diminish in return. While she does have an impressive healing factor, she only has one claw on each hand. In addition, she doesn’t feel pain. Personality-wise, she may have sociopath tendencies as she treats violence like a game. Her biggest drawback is her size. She’s tiny, but she’s definitely a hard one to kill.

9. Daken


The only proper child of Wolverine, Daken has much in common with his father. He has a great healing factor which allows him to heal from just about anything. He’s so effective that he’s been able to impersonate his father on at least one occasion as he played Norman Osborn’s Wolverine during Dark Reign. His healing factor is great but not as great as others. Wolverine once drowned him and that’s something that Wolverine and several others have been able to survive. He can take a clip of bullets to the chest and be burnt down to the bone, but can’t bounce back from getting water in his lungs?

8. Sabretooth


Victor Creed has been through a lot during his long life. Basically, he’s survived just about everything that Wolverine has. He’s been burned, shot, poisoned, bludgeoned, crushed, stabbed, and slashed too many times to count and lost hundreds of gallons of blood. Most of this happened while fighting Wolverine through the decades! Sabretooth isn’t just able to heal, he’s also massive, and extremely strong.

10 Most Unkillable X-Men Characters

So strong, in fact, that Wolverine’s adamantium only evens the playing field between them. He’s been able to come back from having one of Wolverine’s claws in his brain. The only way he’s been stopped is by literally being chopped up into little pieces. Once this was accomplished by a mystical samurai sword meant to stop healing factors, and most recently being turned into ground beef by a sacrifice machine.

7. Wolverine


Although they do exist (as you see on this list), it’s hard to imagine forces within the X-Men mythos that are more durable than Wolverine. What hasn’t happened to him up to this point? I’ll tell you. Nothing. It’s come to the point that writers routinely misrepresent the capabilities of his powers. He and Deadpool are not the same. Wolverine is not supposed to be able to completely regenerate organs, much like it’s been proven he can’t regrow limbs.

10 Most Unkillable X-Men Characters

Heck, his healing factor isn’t even on the same level as his clone, X-23, who can take even more damage all at once. Why? Mostly due to the fact that his body is constantly fighting off sepsis and contamination from his adamantium skeleton. But having those indestructible bones is what allows him to survive long enough to heal. Wolverine’s attributes behave like something of a double-edged sword. As much as they help, they also hurt him and probably have already shaved off decades from his life.

6. X-23


Laura has been telling Wolverine this  since their first adventures together: “You heal too slow.” Birthed from the DNA of Wolverine and a scientist that helped design/raise her, X-23 was made to be her father, but better. Whether she is or not is up for debate. Unlike Wolverine, she doesn’t possess a full adamantium-plated skeleton. While she sacrifices some durability, it does come with its advantages. For one, lacking the extra 100 pounds of weight Wolverine carries around, she’s much faster than him in several ways.

10 Most Unkillable X-Men Characters

And, it’s not just speed of movement. Her joints have less stress so they aren’t constantly repairing torn ligaments. Since she only has adamantium claws, Laura doesn’t have to fight off the threat of being poisoned by the alloy as much as Wolverine does. This allows her body to heal from damage faster. However, like everyone else below her, she can only take so much. If she’s sufficiently dismembered, it’s game over for her.

5. Mercury


The first of two surprises on this list, Cessily “Mercury” Kincaid is a mutant whose body is composed of a non-toxic mercury-like substance. She originally debuted close to the start of the century as part of the New X-Men and is one of the few from that Jr. class to retain their powers following M-Day. Her body allows her to change shape at will. She doesn’t require food, water, and possibly not even air to survive. Her only weakness is electricity as her body is naturally conductive.

10 Most Unkillable X-Men Characters

So, while electricity probably won’t kill her, it can stun her and then she can be contained. She can also separate segments of her body and reincorporate them later, so dismemberment is unlikely. However, as has happened in the past, those pieces of her can be taken away from the whole. Which means, while she probably won’t die, Mercury can be whittled-down until she’s no longer a threat.

4. Rockslide


Santo Vaccarro, or Rockslide, is another member of the New X-Men class that kept his abilities after the Scarlet Witch’s spell. Other than being incredibly large and heavy, his body is made up of super dense rock that he can control. It’s similar to an Earth-bender from the Avatar franchise. He can fire off segments of his body, and reform while adding more pieces to himself to increase his overall mass. He’s been broken down and separated on several occasions just to reassemble and keep on fighting.

10 Most Unkillable X-Men Characters

Because of this, Beast has surmised that Santo is actually more of a psionic being in nature that uses the rock of his body and more as a conduit. On at least two other occasions, Santo’s body has been modified to include burning-hot rock and even lava. While he may indeed be more durable than his teammate Mercury, Santo does still need to breathe. Glob Herman once shoved his matter down his throat to choke him. However, just having Glob Herman inside of him had to be disturbing.

3. Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister

Exactly, how many times have the X-Men beaten or killed Mister Sinister? I mean, has he ever been truly mortally wounded? The most damage he’s taken is being beheaded by Mystique in X-Men: The End. But, he’s taken worse than that and returned. Through a combination of being altered by celestial technology at the hands of Apocalypse, and then further experimenting on himself over the span of 150 years, Sinister has obtained a measure of immortality. And, it’s not just living for a long time but actually being able to take damage and instantaneously regenerate good as new.

10 Most Unkillable X-Men Characters

Even if a hero managed to seriously harm him, he’d most likely slip away, repair himself, and return bigger and better. Watching him die, isn’t even enough now. Since the start of this decade, Sinister has done more than just improve his body. He’s begun cloning himself incessantly. His body may not even be as durable as it used to be, but if something happens to him, Sinister can just upload his mind into a new body. And that’s only assuming his last body was even damaged enough to no longer be viable. A long shot at best.

2. Deadpool


Many would argue that Wade should be number one on this list. The man can literally regenerate from a puddle of blood and guts if necessary! To do this, and retain who he is, means that Deadpool contains what’s called genetic memory. His cells act like jump-drives, each packed with information of how he’s formed, looks, and even his memory down to the point where he suffered damage. Unlike others on the list, he can rebuild entire organs and bodily systems from scratch and at an incredible rate.

10 Most Unkillable X-Men Characters

He’s been shot and stabbed in the head multiple times and brushed it off like someone would after stubbing a toe. Even Wolverine and Sabretooth have needed time and help to recover from similar injuries. Compared to everyone else on this list, Deadpool’s healing factor is without equal. The only other person that comes close to matching this distinct ability, or perhaps surpasses him, is DC Comics, main man, the bastich himself, Lobo.

1. Iceman


So how did this goofball make #1 on this list? Well, for starters, he’s probably immortal in every sense of the word – at least while in his ice-state. As long as there is some water near him (in any state), he can maintain the form indefinitely. While in his full ice-state, Bobby, like Mercury, doesn’t need to eat, sleep, drink, or breathe. Before he evolved following an encounter with Emma Frost, who took over his body, Iceman’s body was just covered in a layer of ice. Now, when he ices up, he’s 100% made of frozen H2O.

10 Most Unkillable X-Men Characters

While in that state Iceman can meld his body into any body of water, in either its liquid or frozen state, though if it’s liquid, it’ll be frozen very soon. While doing this, he becomes omnipresent as the body of water becomes an extension of his being! Bobby can absorb damage like no other. He can shrug off just about anything that’s thrown at him and instantly regenerate whatever he’s lost. No one else on this list is close to approaching that level of regeneration. The sad part is, he’s limited in terms of his own approach to combat, Iceman is years from taking advantage of his full potential.

Do you agree with our list of most unkillable X-Men? Have some you think deserved to be here? Let us know below!

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