Print shop owner Tim Doyle, who has a history of harassing Ethan Van Sciver, Diversity & Comics, and even targeted Mitch Breitweiser has a new target, YouTuber That Umbrella Guy.

Doyle recently targeted That Umbrella Guy in a series of Tweets calling him a “bigot.” He would then tweet out a thinly veiled threat indicating that That Umbrella Guy would “put himself and his family at risk.”

Doyle would first attack That Umbrella Guy by calling him a “NOTORIOUS #COMICSGATE bigot.”

This behavior is not abnormal for Doyle. He previously labeled the entire ComicsGate movement as “white supremacists.”  He’s also individually targeted Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver and called him everything from a “homophobic bigot” to a “Nazi.”

Doyle would eventually admit his attacks on Van Sciver were purely because he is a Donald Trump supporter.

Not only has Doyle attacked Van Sciver, but he also targeted Mitch Breitweiser due to his support of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election.

Doyle has also targeted Richard C. Meyer and even sent him a threatening letter regarding his kids.

In fact, it looks like Doyle is attempting to use the same tactic he used on Richard C. Meyer against That Umbrella Guy. After attacking That Umbrella Guy, Doyle would follow it up indicating he knows where That Umbrella Guy lives.

He would then go on to predict that That Umbrella Guy would “put himself and his family at risk.”

Doyle would deny that his tweet was threatening, but his past behavior regarding Richard C. Meyer indicates a distinct pattern of behavior.

And while Doyle denies he was making a veiled threat, That Umbrella Guy saw it very differently.

That Umbrella Guy is not the only one to see Doyle’s tweets as threatening.

I spoke with That Umbrella Guy and he is taking Doyle’s tweets seriously. He informed me he has contacted the police and filed reports. He also indicated to me that he has retained the services of Ty Beard, who is currently representing Vic Mignogna in his ongoing lawsuit.