Fabian Wagner, the cinematographer on Justice League, shared two more photos snapped behind the scenes during production. Posted to his personal Instagram, the pictures show Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright as their Amazon characters in a cozy studio space draped in greenscreen for a pre-rendering setup.

In the first photo, they and two other actresses are on horseback in a sound stage with a very low ceiling thanks to lighting rigs and sky panels. Space was used for sequences of galloping. Wagner offered an observation of the conditions in his caption:

“When you need a big enough stage for galloping some horses it becomes a pretty big lighting set up. Our soft box covered the whole of the stage with a mix of sky panels and space lights.”

Photo two shows Nielsen and Wright on previs saddles or “action horses” for close-ups. A bright studio light hangs behind them on a “small crane,” possibly a jib, as a backlight. Wagner elaborated in his second paragraph:

“Second pic is our hero Amazonians on the ‘action horses’ for some cool close up work. T12 on a small crane operated by one of the ‘smaller sparks’ for some backlight and movement”

Have a look at the candids below.

The scene reportedly being filmed was the “History Lesson,” Wonder Woman’s flashback to an invasion of Earth by Steppenwolf. Due to the many changes resulting from reshoots, that scene was drastically reconstructed — and in no small way. Zack Snyder intended for Darkseid to lead the charge for Apokolips and fight Ares. Steppenwolf was put in his place for the theatrical release, changing plans that would’ve set up for future films.

Fabian Wagner recently joined Zack Snyder’s crusade of dropping glimpses of what the Snyder Cut entails and could be like. He shared a BTS shot two weeks ago of Ray Fisher’s Victor Stone in a graveyard, further evidence Cyborg had a larger, scrapped story arc. Wagner confirmed earlier this year on social media the Cut existed and it was screened for Warner Bros. executives.

The campaign to release it, which led to a petition and crowdfunding efforts, made it to San Diego Comic-Con this year. Billboards went up emblazoned with the “#ReleaseTheSnyderCut” tag. They got the attention of Zack’s wife Deborah who was touched money was also being raised for suicide awareness. The Snyders’ young daughter Autumn ended her life in 2017, causing Snyder to take time away from the Justice League production and soon depart altogether.

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