If you follow streaming and gaming, you know Kaceytron. She got on the map in 2013 as a League of Legends streamer, and she’s built a sizable following since.

These days Kaceytron is a variety streamer, but she still consistently pulls thousands of views.

In her 6 year career on Twitch, Kaceytron has at times skirted the line of controversy and has been no stranger to Twitch discipline. She can be a polarizing figure at times, but in her October 1st stream, she did something notable.

Kaceytron rightly called out Twitch for their continued trend of mysterious and uneven bans. She referenced the latest bizarre ban situation for Velvet_7, a Korean Twitch streamer from Canada.

Velvet_7 originally had her channel suspended for 5 weeks back in august. Twitch claimed she broadcasted “sexually suggestive content” which Velvet 7 refuted. Twitch later admitted the ban was a mistake.

But on October 1st they banned Velvet out of nowhere. Velvet, who was streaming at the time, was visibly shaken to tears. Velvet’s channel was reinstated an hour later, where she explained that she received the ban for “hate speech.”

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Velvet_7 explains, “So I was streaming today, and I got banned for using a hateful slur.” She added, “So, I didn’t know what that means. I was talking about it on YouTube and suddenly I got unbanned from Twitch. I don’t know what’s going on.”

But it appears again, Twitch banned by mistake.

Kaceytron would issue the following statement regarding Twitch’s bans of Velvet_7 on her broadcast:

She stated, “Basically, she had been streaming, and all of a sudden she got banned. And they sent her an email that she was banned For racism and hate speech, and then an hour later they unbanned her. So she had like an hour where’s just freaking out that she’s banned again and not understanding why.”

She continues, “Twitch is disgusting to me…If anything at the very least Emmett Shear owes Velvet_7 an apology. A public apology. I think Twitch needs to publicly apologize to Velvet, and Emmett Shear needs to as well. At the very least.”

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Whatever you may think about Kaceytron, she is 100 percent correct on this. Twitch should absolutely apologize to Velvet_7.

Twitch has increasingly been handing out bizarre bans, most times out of nowhere. Sometimes they don’t even provide reasoning.

They have in the past stated they would be more transparent and accountable to the community. Their actions speak differently.

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If more Twitch partners stand firm and demand Twitch restructure its policies, change may come.

Twitch has not commented to date on this situation.

As always, give your thoughts below. Should streamers demand accountability from Twitch?