Former Injustice artist Mike S. Miller has seen his Lonestar campaign rejected by the platform for “discrimination, subjugation, or intolerance towards marginalized groups.”

Miller posted a screenshot of the email he received from KickStarter on Twitter.

It reads:

“Thanks for sharing your project with us. We’ve carefully reviewed it against our Rules, and we’re unable to approve it to launch.

As a Public Benefit Coporation committed to fighting inequality and creating a more equitable world, Kickstarter does not allow discrimination, subjugation, or intolerance towards marginalized groups. We recommend you review our Rules and list of Prohibited Items to learn more.

This decision is non-negotiable. We appreciate your understanding.”

In his tweet, Miller claims the book was rejected due its portrayal of MS-13 as a criminal gang.

Miller writes, “Hey team Kickstarter, it’s nice to see that you consider MS13 a ‘marginalized group’, since that’s the only people who were being ‘subjugated’ in the artwork I provided. More wokeness from the tech companies on display.”

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This latest response does contradict previous communications Miller had with Kickstarter.

In an email dated September 27th, Kickstarter told him, “Thanks for sharing your project with us. Everything’s looking good – we can’t wait to see it go live.”

Miller would then receive an email dated October 1st that reads:

“Thanks for sharing your project with us. We appreciate your interest in creating something with and for the Kickstarter community. However, after a careful review, we’ve determined that your project cannot be approved for launch.”

Miller would respond believing the issue was because Lonestar is also on IndieGoGo, “I’ve removed all the Soul of the Soldier stuff that is available elsewhere at this time.” He added, “These are all new covers for Lonestar, not just ‘repackaging’, but if that’s the issue please let me know.”

That’s when he received the email indicating the issue allegedly has to do with “discrimination, subjugation, or intolerance towards marginalized groups.”

Miller did indicate that you can still back Lonestar on IndieGoGo. However, he wanted to do a Kickstarter campaign because it’s a different market.

He also indicated that he wanted to give Kickstarter the benefit of the doubt after they blocked Richard C. Meyer from the platform.

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He has also contacted IndieGoGo to see about putting this new Lonestar campaign that would have been on KickStarter on their platform.

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Washington Times reporter Douglas Ernst responded to the news saying:

“People encourage me to declare a “side” when indie creators disagree. People want me to play Twitter Traffic Cop. Kickstarter’s decision to frame a violent gang as a “marginalized” group as a pretext to deny Mike S. Miller access to the platform is a good example why I don’t.”

One America News Network’s Jack Posobiec stated, “This is wrong.”

James Dean Anderson, the CEO of Cautionary Comics, accused Kickstarter of “racism against white people.” He added, “they now drown creative voices from POC who might skew conservative.”

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