Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Teases Legal Action Against Marvel Comics and Disney’s Bob Iger

Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld took to Twitter to tease legal action against Marvel Comics and Disney’s CEO Bob Iger.

Liefeld wrote, “Had a good long talk with my attorney. Time to hold some feet to the fire for some shady practices over at Marvel. Good times to come Robert Iger.”

Liefeld would add, “Gotta shake up that good ol’ boy network that’s been making things up as they go. You have no idea.”

Liefeld would clarify that the possible legal action does not involve “Deadpool proper.”

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He also noted he is specifically referring to the Marvel Comics “New York” side which is overseen by Ike Perlmutter and includes Marvel COmics and Marvel TV.

Liefeld would not specifically clarify what he was referring to, but he did discuss an old motion that Marvel had filed against him back in 1996 regarding the Joe Simon and Jack Kirby creation Fighting American. It’s unclear if this new legal action relates to that previous motion or not.

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The court would rule that Fighting American would not be allowed to throw his shield as a weapon. However, that didn’t stop subsequent stories featuring Fighting American adding additions to his shield like spike projectiles.

Liefeld would indicate this previous motion filed against him is not what he was referring to when he was discussing filing a lawsuit against Marvel stating, “Old story. Outcome determined long ago.”

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