Legendary comic book writer and the creator of Batman villain Bane, Chuck Dixon, responded to the news that in the latest issue of Tom King’s Batman series, Bane is killed.

At the end of Batman #82 by Tom King and artist Mikel Janin, Thomas Wayne, aka Flashpoint Batman executes Bane and shoots Bruce in the gut.

Batman 82

Chuck Dixon responded to Bane’s death via YouTube.

Dixon states, “Graham Nolan and I created Bane, but we only own a itty bitty, teeny weeny little piece of it. The rest of it belongs to DC Comics and they can do to Bane whatever they want. They can kill him, shred him, regender him, whatever they want.”

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He goes on to recount what happened in King and Janin’s Batman #82 with Bruce Wayne and Bane getting into a wrestling match before Bane is shot in the head. He then states:

“Well, he’s as dead as a comic book character can be. And I should know. I’ve killed a few and I’ve brought them right back. I killed Oliver Queen. I killed the Joker twice. I killed Mister Freeze and he stayed dead for years. And then he came back. So Bane is temporarily indisposed.”

Bane not dead

Dixon then notes that Bane isn’t actually dead, despite being executed in King’s Batman. He explains:

“But he’s not dead. No comic book character can ever be dead. Especially a character like Bane. Against all the odds. And against any crazy dreams I had, Bane became a household name. He joined the iconic rogue’s gallery of Batman, the greatest comic book character of them all. So consequently the greatest rogue’s gallery of them all.”

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The Bane creator then recounts just how alive Bane is in the hearts and minds of the fans.

“And Bane has appeared in two movies, numerous cartoons, numerous video games. He’s been LEGO, he’s been an action figure, he’s been beach towels, and mugs, and shot glasses, and he was once a pasta shape in SpaghettiOs. So Bane is here to stay. And when you look at the numbers, millions and millions and millions of people have seen Bane, experienced Bane, have learned to love or hate Bane or both through the video games, the movies, the television show.”


Dixon then details how inconsequential comic books are to Bane’s legacy, specifically King’s Batman comic.

“And millions and millions of more people will have seen Bane through ancillary medium than will have ever read about him in a comic book. And certainly millions and millions more than will have read this comic book.”

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He concludes:

“It doesn’t worry me. Bane ain’t going nowhere, my friends. And I’m not upset about it. I know there are people that probably wish I was and there are probably people thinking ‘I hope Chuck doesn’t feel bad about this.’ But I don’t because it’s comics. It’s fluid. It changes. He’ll be back. He never really went away. Don’t worry about it. Cue the Lazarus Pit.”

Chuck Dixon still continues to make comic books. He recently wrote a story titled Devildog: Origin in the upcoming Jawbreakers: GØD-K1NG Graphic Novel. He also is writing Agent Poso: Task Force Aegis.

Dixon, is not just a prolific comic book writer, but he has also written a number of novels. He recently published Chuck Dixon’s Parnomal Double Pack: Gomers and Blooded as well as a collected edition of his Bad Times series.

What do you make of Chuck Dixon’s response to the death of Bane?

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