Marvel and IDW writer Zoe Quinn, who was most recently at the center of a controversy surrounding her public naming, shaming, and the subsequent suicide of Night in the Woods developer Alec Holowka, recently claimed on Twitter that the fallout from this controversy led to her being placed on “suicide watch” and she has been “barely functional”.

On November 10th, Quinn took to her personal Twitter account to openly vent about said fallout, beginning her statements by alleging that critics were “flooding my every tweet with constant harassment” and “trying to push her to suicide,” though no evidence or specific examples were presented:

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Quinn then attempts to downplay her own actions and turns the accusations on her critics, stating that if her accusers believed her words led to Holowka’s suicide, then they were “admitting that you’re trying to kill me with full on harassment” and ironically states that none of her critics “gave a shit abt [sic]” Holowka:

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Quinn had previously announced that her “account was deactivated for mental health & security reasons,”  but at the time did not provide any specifics or details.

Upon her return to Twitter, Quinn stated that, despite the mental anguish and reticence caused by the controversy, she would reluctantly return to “at least” “be posting again to promote my work,, though Quinn has since taken to again operating as a general use account as indicated by her criticizing the recent Joker film, discussing Untitled Goose Game, and regularly posting pictures of her pets.

Despite this return to Twitter form, Quinn has not mentioned the Patreon account she has not updated in over a year or her failed Kickstarter project, Kickstarted in the Butt: A Chuck Tingle Digital Adventure, which has not been updated in over a year and has yet to release despite raising $85,000 in crowdfunding and originally announced with a 2017 release date.

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She then proceeds to demand that those who keep bringing up the controversy to “stop pissing on [Holowka’s] grave you ghouls,” stating that she is “not going to talk about this again” as the discourse has allegedly left her “barely functional” to the point of being unable to “to take care of basic biological needs.”

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Turning to address the circumstances surrounding Holowka’s suicide, Quinn continues to deny any responsibility for her use of a public platform to accuse a man in the court of public opinion contributing to his actions, stating that “Rehabilitation is key but it’s someone else’s job.” She then attempts to further undercut her “reckless” method of accusation by claiming that there are not “clean solutions” to abuse situations:

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Quinn concludes her thread by disingenuously asking for “grace & mercy,” noting that “people who have abused & people who have been abused need to focus on healing.” She then tells her critics to “stop giving me reasons to live out of spite.”

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