Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams insinuated the film is still going through rewrites 71 days from its release date.

In a lengthy interview with Rolling Stone, Abrams discussed his writing process with Chris Terrio, but also revealed Terrio is still in the studio helping Abrams.

“But the process has really just been, as one might expect, talking through story, finding things that make us emotional and going with our gut the best we can. Listening to critiques and criticisms and trying to make it better as we go. Not being afraid of the better idea.”

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Abrams then details the specifics of their writing process detailing they would each go and write a scene and then compare afterwards.

“Usually we’ll talk through a scene and then we’ll each go off and write different scenes and then share them and then do passes on each other’s scenes and come up with something.”

Then Abrams reveals Terrio is still in the studio helping in post insinuating they are doing some rewrites on the film.

“And he’s been great not just in the writing of the movie, but during the movie and even in post, helping make it better, losing things that we keep trying to make work but don’t, and realizing, let’s just cut it. He’s here now, he’s downstairs.”

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Not only does Abrams insinuate they are rewriting the film, but Rolling Stone reveals the interview took place “at Bad Robot, in a green-screen room that allows [Abrams] maximum movie-tweaking flexibility.”

They also revealed that Abrams was actually doing reshoots on the film at the studio less than 80 days from its release date.

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One major rumor has indicated that Abrams and Lucasfilm are actually reworking 75% of the entire movie.

YouTuber Doomcock revealed a source told him:

“I have Star Wars info, they are still shooting. They were having to remake almost the whole movie as what they tested as the movie was a complete pile of flopping shit.”

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Not only did Abrams reveal Terrio was still in the studio, but he also seemingly debunked Kathleen Kennedy’s statement that Star Wars does not have any source material to pull from. According to Abrams, Terrio is well versed in the extended universe.

“He really is such a brilliant human, and the way he approaches everything is kind of scholarly. Whatever he’s working on, he’ll read up on it in a way that is so impressive. He will often carry with him a literal pile of books that he’s reading. It was fascinating working with someone who was so well-versed in the extended universe.”

What do you make of Abrams comments? Do you believe he’s insinuating rewrites are still happening? Or do you think he’s discussing typical post-production work?