A new rumor about a Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker test screening describes the film as “all over the place” and “confusing.”

The rumor comes from YouTuber Doomcock, who received the information from a source that he describes as having “knowledge of the production.”

Doomcock details his source told him that the film, “Bored the F out of me.” He adds the film “might be worse than The Last Jedi.”

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Doomcock then explains why his source described the film as all over the place and confusing.

“The narrative connection of events is threadbare. Things unfold because they have to, not because they logically should. The story seems to largely consist of multiple McGuffin style modular plots, achievements moving from one planet/set piece to the next. In other words, this thing is more like a video game than a story.”

He continues:

“My source was adamant they would not recommend that friends go see The Rise of Skywalker.”

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Doomcock then details there is chaos behind the scenes at Bad Robot and Lucasfilm.

“I have confirmation from my source of just how bad things are behind the scenes. A version of the film was locked in as the final version. And then a day or two later another version of the film was locked in as final.”

He continues, “This new source reportedly has knowledge that at least five different version of the film exist. And this source verifies that in the last two weeks, two new versions have been finalized.”

Doomcock then reveals new leaks from the film, which he received from this new source.

“My source confirms that the last line of the film is ‘I am Rey. Rey Skywalker.’ Rey evidently says this line to another woman.”

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He continues:

“My source confirms that throughout The Rise of Skywalker they use the name Skywalker as synonymous with Jedi so that Jedi is essentially replaced with Skywalker by the end.”

From there, Doomcock then lists out a number of scenes that have been rumored, and details whether they made it into the final cut of the film.

He first notes that the rumored scene of Luke training Leia is a Jedi is no longer in the film.

He explains why he believes this scene was cut:

“This is a common theme throughout this cut of the movie. I suspect that Disney is aware of how much fans hated these plot points. And Disney’s solution to the problem seems to have been not to fix the plot points, but rather to cut any attempted explanations of the plot points hoping that the film will be loud enough and confusing enough to breeze over the idiotic plot holes without explaining them.”

While the scene with Luke training Leia has been cut, Doomcock does indicate that Leia gives Rey a lightsaber.

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He then details a scene between Kylo Ren and Emperor Palpatine.

“According to my source, Kylo stumbles across Emperor Palpatine fairly early in this cut. Kylo is looking for something called the Wayfinder.”

He continues:

“The Wayfinder, if we can even call it that, seems to be some powerful McGuffin that several characters are after. It’s like a Sith holocron, but not red. And it is the key to finding the Sith dagger that was used to kill Rey’s parents that has Sith runes on it that C-3Po will have to get his memory wiped to decode. And once he does that Sith dagger conveniently will lead Rey to another planet and so on until she finds Palpatine as we all know she will.”

Doomcock adds:

“It turns out the Emperor has been hiding out in the unknown regions and amassing a fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers. He wants Kylo to join him, but the ultimate plan is to also bring Rey in to the fold.”

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This cut of the film does not explain how the Emperor has returned. “All the explanations regarding the clones and the fact that it was a clone of Palpatine that died in Return of the Jedi, all of that is gone from this cut,” says Doomcock.

This cut of the film also reportedly cut Matt Smith’s role in the film. He has been rumored to play a younger version of Palpatine.

Doomcock then notes, “In this cut it is revealed that, yes, Palpatine is Rey’s grandfather, and yet her parents were nobodies?”

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He continues, “Rey does find the Sith dagger. … My source says this Sith dagger is a ‘stupid McGuffin that makes Rey know everything. It’s really dumb.’ It has runes on it that 3PO must decode to help Rey out, but apparently doing so overloads 3PO and completely wipes his memory.”

Doomcock then provides new details about Keri Russell’s Zori Bliss.

“Keri Russell’s Zorri Bliss does not seem to be a Sith assassin as the rumors held, nor was she responsible for Rey’s parents’ deaths. The character is simply Poe’s friend from her spy smuggling days. She keeps her mask on the whole film. Apparently at one point she lifts a visor so you can see her eyes while she is flirting with Poe.”

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He then provides an update on the final battle with Palpatine.

“Force ghosts do not engage with Palpatine, but they do talk to Rey during it. … The various cuts that had Luke returning in the flesh to fight against Palpatine, Anakin returning in the flesh, Leia returning in the flesh, these are all gone. It’s just Rey and Kylo versus Palpatine now. It’s confirmed that Rey shoots Force lightning during the struggle.”

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As for Reylo, Doomcock states:

“Well, apparently throughout the movie they Force Skype each other, touch base, fight, then hang up. This happens over and over again. And Kylo and Rey essentially fall in love between Force Skype fighting, uniting to defeat the Emperor in the end.”

Doomcock’s source described the romantic subplot, “It’s really bad. Like Twilight bad.”

Doomcock continues, “Bad boy Kylo gets turned into a good boy by the love of the bestest girl ever.”

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He ends the video saying, “We will never see the cut where the Millennium Falcon gets blown up killing Chewie, and Lando, and R2, and 3PO, and Leia. They cut that scene. They backed away from that abyss at least.”

What do you make of this new information from this Rise of the Skywalker test screening? What about the new rumors and leaks about the plot of the film?

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