Artist Reportedly Banned from Twitch After Poking Fun at Latest Alinity Controversy

Artist Jon Grim was reportedly banned from Twitch after poking fun at the latest controversy surrounding Alinity and her dog.

Grim reported he was banned from Twitch on Twitter for drawing a picture of Alinity with her dog. He indicates his ban is for 7 days.

The picture comes after a stream of Alinity and her dog went viral when she was attempting to perform a headstand.

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Following the video, numerous people called for PETA to intervene, and the organization indicated they had demanded she be removed from Twitch.

This isn’t the first time Alinity has found herself in the middle of controversy surrounding her pets.

She got in hot water back in July, as she casually tossed her cat over her head with no regard during an Apex Legends stream.

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There was also an incident where she gave her feline a kiss with alcohol in her mouth.

Jon Grim wasn’t the only one to roast Alinity.

Twitch streamer and model Corinna Kopf, herself a target of Twitch’s inconsistent ban policy, posted this gem as reported by Dexerto.

“Girl, you let your dog stick it’s face in your v*gina for 10 seconds lmfao,” she wrote in the now-deleted Tweet.

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Kopf was recently banned out of nowhere during her birthday stream, for wearing a tube top a year ago.

Finally, Ninja would weigh in on the situation.

In a December 2nd Fortnite session with fellow streamer Tim the Tatman, Ninja gave his 2 cents on the matter.

“You know what they [Twitch] don’t allow?” Ninja began, referencing the divisive ban of streamer Corinna Kopf. “Risque tops on their birthday. Ayoo!”

He went on to roast Alinity in a mock commercial, referencing her storied past on Twitch.

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“If you’re a cat-thrower, Twitch is the place for you,” Ninja joked, singing the McDonald’s jingle.

“I don’t always throw my cats, but when I do, I prefer to wait until after I’ve poured vodka in its mouth. Hi, I’m Alinity, and welcome to my – hahaha!”

It’s a safe bet that as long as Alinity is around, meme material will follow.

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