Rumor: Disney Will Not Use Rumored George Lucas Cut of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

A new rumor indicates Disney will not use a George Lucas cut of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The rumor comes from YouTuber Doomcock’s sources.

He explains, “There is, according to my source with not only knowledge of the film, but the internal workings of Lucasfilm, a cut of Rise of Skywalker personally fixed by George Lucas.”

Doomcock adds, “This cut allegedly consists of 30 or so minutes of additional footage and contains a brilliant idea from the mind of George Lucas, a secret Skywalker.”

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His source describes that this secret Skywalker “completely transforms not only the film, but perhaps the whole abominable sequel trilogy itself.”

He continues, “Pending further confirmation, my source informs me that the George Lucas cut could be a redeeming light at the end of this soy soaked agenda darkened, canon destroy tunnel.”

Doomcock then states, “It appears Disney is not using the George Lucas cut.”

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He details that one of his sources tells him that the George Lucas cut is not the one they are going with. Doomcock says, “Ego and agenda it appears have triumphed once again over fans and over Star Wars itself if this account is accurate.”

He then quotes this source:

“Up until recently, I must admit that I thought we were going to do the right thing. I fear I was wrong. What is going on now is horrendous. A circular firing squads of sorts with everyone attempting to divert, deflect, or otherwise blame Mr. Lucas, which is absurd. I guarantee you that his version is a winner that might not get picked because these people are shameful and flipping out that The Mandalorian is successful. There are many agendas going on with this many. To be transparent I have one as well: To release the Lucas version.”

Doomcock then opines, “It seems clear that they have decided not to release the Lucas version because apparently this would be viewed by those inside the company as a repudiation of the current regime and Kathleen Kennedy would lose face.”

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He does state, “Now, I don’t know for certain that the George Lucas cut even exists. This could be misinformation or disinformation. But if it does exist and they don’t release it for internal political reasons, what does this say to Kennedy’s devotion to Star Wars canon and attitude towards Star Wars fans?”

Doomcock then notes that the J.J. Abrams version is the current locked version of the film. His source tells him:

“All is not lost yet, but it’s not looking good. The locked version is the J.J./Iger version without Anakin. It’s disastrous. More or less appealing to the Fast & The Furious/Transformers/Twilight crowd.”

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Doomcock concludes:

“Does the George Lucas cut even exist? I have no idea. As always I only report what I’ve been told as rumor. And candidly I have no idea if this information is a hoax or genuine information. It occurs to me this could all be disinformation from Lucasfilm to discredit me personally, which is fine. To everyone attacking me for this information, I’m just the messenger. I have no proof of any of these other than the fact that trailers keep confirming different rumors and that’s why I only report receiving this information. I never report that this information is valid or accurate. I leave it to you to decide for yourselves the veracity of this information.”

What do you make of this rumor? Do you think a George Lucas cut exists? Do you think we might see it in theaters?

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