Sweet Anita, a YouTuber and Twitch partner who has Tourette’s Syndrome, is now under fire from the cancel culture.

Sweet Anita began streaming in June 2018, and has amassed over 570k Twitch followers. She also has over 335k subscribers on YouTube.

Sweet Anita lives with Tourette’s Syndrome, and took the step of becoming a streamer despite the unpredictable nature of her condition.

According to Anita, she was diagnosed 5 years ago. She lived much of her young life yelling out profanities at strangers or spanking them, and did not understand why.

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During her broadcasts, she’s frequently “ticcing.” This includes bird-like whistles, popping sounds, and a string of profane or sexual vulgarities.

She also has physical tics, with involuntary eye twitches or hand movements.

Notably, Anita often streams for various charities, or to raise awareness for those affected by similar conditions to her own.

By all accounts, she’s a positive and giving person.

Unfortunately, with Anita’s condition, sometimes her tics can be controversial.

On December 9th, a controversial tic landed Anita in hot water on social media.

While explaining how great it must be “to choose to be socially appropriate and considerate and not just say the weirdest, most awful sh*t ever,” Anita had a tic causing her to say “kill the Jews,” before looking mortified.

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She would end the stream soon after, but the backlash on social media came swiftly.

Another Twitch partner, lilchiipmunk, came out in a now-deleted tweet asking “How’s this allowed? I don’t care if she has Tourettes, she must have some way to mute herself?”

Lilchiipmunk went on to accuse her of “promoting hatred” and tagged Twitch.

She would later apologize writing, “I’m apologizing for last nights actions…”

A Twitter user named Jeffthrow would exclaim: “I know she has Tourette’s, but holy f***.”

Anita also has been under fire for having a tic that produced the N-word a few days earlier.

Jeremy from The Quartering outlined the whole situation in a great video:

Anita responded to all the recent criticism with this clip:

“I read the comments section. There were a lot of people who were really angry or thought I should be banned,” Anita explained. She added,  “A lot of people think the N-word is in your vocabulary so that means on some level you must be racist.”

She continued: “The N-word is on everyone’s vocabulary. We all know what the N-word is. We all know that is a word and so does my Tourette’s. That doesn’t mean it’s something I believe or feel about anyone.”

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She continued, “People just don’t understand and sometimes that can be hard, but rather fixate on the negatives and fixate on the people being abusive. I’d rather use it as an experience to build something positive from.”

Fellow Twitch streamer AnikiChad would also come to her defense.

AnikiChad stated: “In my interactions with Anita, she has been nothing but nice, kind, supportive… She’s a true friend, and I don’t want anyone thinking she’s actually racist.”

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Sweet Anita would thank her followers and fans on Twitter writing, “HUGE thanks everyone who has been patiently explaining tourette’s syndrome to folks who have been confused or outraged by my n word controversy on twitter/reddit.”

In its TOS, Twitch has strict rules around hateful conduct.

As of yet though, Sweet Anita has not been banned or sanctioned for her tic.

Given her condition, it would be shameful if she faced disciplinary action.

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