Freddy Krueger or the “Springwood Slasher’s” reign of terror was thought to have ended when the parents of Springwood, Ohio took matters into their own hands. After the serial killer was released on a technicality, the parents tracked him down and burned him alive. But the nightmare didn’t end.

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Krueger became a Dream Demon. It allowed him to invade the one place, where the parents of Springwood could not protect their children.  In the Dream World, Krueger would kill his victims and then absorb their souls afterwards.

Krueger would specifically target the children of the parents who burned him alive.

The terror and onslaught left by Krueger as predominantly portrayed by Robert Englund and originally directed by Wes Craven would spawn a series of movies and a franchise that has left him as one of horror’s most iconic monsters.

His iconic look has been a favorite of cosplayers of the years.

Today’s cosplay of the day is by David Krueger, who specifically describes himself as a Freddy Krueger cosplayer.

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In the first photo we see an amazing collage of David’s take on Freddy Kruger. Multiple photos at multiple angles do an amazing job to display his work on the cosplay. The most frightening is him holding a young child. It sends chills up my spine.

The next photo is a close up side profile of his Krueger cosplay sans hat. The makeup looks movie quality as you can see the details of the burns that acted as the catalyst for Krueger becoming the Dream Demon.

He even rang in the new showing off his hat, claws and more of his Freddy Krueger makeup.

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Finally, we get a close-up of that horrifying image of Freddy with the young child.

And that’s not the only time he’s posed with a baby.

If you want to follow David Krueger you can check out his Instagram as well as his YouTube.

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