An actress who played a recurring major character on DC Universe Original Titans that was killed off last season is coming back.

Per Emra Kaya/Vullein on Twitter, a writer for The Geeks WorldWide, Conor Leslie will return to Titans Season 3 as – more than likely – Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl.

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Vullein tweeted Leslie’s comeback is “triple confirmed” on Monday.

Vullein also shared the show – created by Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, and Geoff Johns – is bringing on three new writers who will take the show in a “better” and “way more wholesome” direction.

Titans Seasons 1 and 2 leaned heavily into horror, gore-filled action, and the bizarre – particularly in the cases of Trigon and Iain Glen’s supporting role as Bruce Wayne.

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Titans viewers will recall in the Season 2 finale Donna Troy was unceremoniously and suddenly electrocuted to death saving a young boy after a confrontation with Conner and Cadmus agents at a carnival.

Reaction to her getting killed off, which felt so random, was negative and fans replying in Vullein’s thread are thrilled Leslie is reprising Troy in the next season. Below is some of the feedback.

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The pressing question is how they plan on bringing Donna back. While Vullein does not specify, responses speculate she will be brought back to life by a Lazarus Pit, the power of Raven, or some other means.

It’s possible Crisis on Infinite Earths and the restart of DC TV’s multiverse has an effect on things but Vullein thinks otherwise.

Others wonder if Troy will be resurrected at all or merely reduced to appearances in flashbacks instead.

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The cast of Titans won’t be status quo come Season 3. Kaldur’ahm and Arsenal are being cast so they’ll be introduced.

Casting is also underway for an actress who is paraplegic to play Barbara Gordon. Barbara will be Gotham Police Commissioner and interacting with Dick Grayson, reportedly, unafraid to tell him like it is.

Vullein tells us production on Titans’ third season starts in April. A premiere date for when it drops on DC Universe is not set.

How do you feel about the presumed undoing of Donna Troy’s demise? Let us know.

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