Another former child star and actor in a well-remembered 90s film franchise has fallen on hard times and needs serious help.

TMZ reports Shaun Weiss, who rose to fame playing the loveable stonewall goalie Goldberg in all three Mighty Ducks movies back in the 1990s, is “living on the street and dealing with several life-threatening problems, including diabetes, mental illness, and drug addiction.”

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The site was told friends of Weiss made an effort to put him in rehab but were stymied by “long wait lists” and “his inability to stay out of trouble.”

Weiss has been arrested in the past for theft, intoxication, and abuse of methamphetamine. His use of the deadly substance shows in his gaunt frame apparent in mugshots shared by TMZ.


He was taken in by his sister but she had to kick him out because of his behavior and habits. His arrest came soon after.

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Friends have tried to help him out and give him a place to live. One gave him a van that “allegedly” caught fire due to other meth addicts and a beef between them and Weiss.

According to the report, whenever Weiss gets some money or some clothes “he gets attacked” and robbed “by other homeless people.”

The story continues:

A GoFundMe was started by an individual named Drew Gallagher who claims he has “been doing all I can to help Shaun” for three years.

Gallagher adds Weiss’s problems stem from a depression he suffered after losing his parents. He turned to drugs which caused the loss of his teeth.

Weiss was recently arrested by the Marysville Police Department on January 26th for “residential burglary and being under the influence of a controlled substance.”

The Marysville Police Department’s press release details:

“Officers arrived on scene and contacted the homeowner who advised he witnessed an unknown male inside his garage that did not belong there. The homeowner said he was the only person that lived at the residence and no one had permission to be inside. Officer’s made entry into the garage and observed a male subject inside of the homeowner’s vehicle. Weiss forced entry to gain access into the vehicle by shattering a window. Officer’s noticed shattered glass  on the ground and observed that the passenger window to the vehicle was broken. Officer’s ordered the male out of the vehicle and took him into custody. The male was identified through his California Driver’s License as Shaun Weiss.

Weiss displayed symptoms of being under the influence of methamphetamine and said he did not reside at this residence. Weiss also said the vehicle he was filtering through was not his. Weiss was booked into the Yuba County Jail for being under the influence of methamphetamine 11550 H&S, and residential burglary 459 PC, and is being held on $52,500 bail.”

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For a time, Shaun Weiss was the first person who came to mind for a lot of kids when they heard the name “Goldberg” – before there was a wrestling star with a winning streak who shared it.

He starred in The Mighty Ducks alongside Emilio Estevez and Joshua Jackson, whose career carried on to television in shows such as Dawson’s Creek and Fringe.

The Mighty Ducks series inspired the moniker of a West Coast NHL team and a Saturday morning cartoon with no ties to the films’ characters or story that is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

Weiss turned up on several sitcoms, including Boy Meets World, and the cult-hit series Freaks and Geeks.

His arrest record for his various charges goes back to 2017 when he was taken in for “petty theft and meth,” said TMZ.

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