Twitch streamer Jenna announced the streaming company revoked her Partner status after Discord logs were leaked showing her repeatedly using racial and sexual slurs.

Jenna wrote on Twitter, “I was unpartnered with Twitch today. I understand and respect their decision and I’m happy they are standing against hate. It brings me joy I am in a community that will protect the oppressed.”

She added, “If you allow me, I will regain your trust and the community’s with my future actions.”

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Twitch has a section in their community guidelines regarding affiliate and partner usage of social media outside the platform. It reads:

 “We prohibit using Twitch to facilitate hateful conduct or harassment, whether the targets are on or off Twitch. Individuals, communities or organizations that do so are not allowed to use our services. We may take action against users for hateful conduct or harassment that occurs off Twitch services that is directed at Twitch users.”

Her partnership was revoked, after a series of old messages from her Discord server containing racial and sexual slurs came to light on social media earlier this month.

The messages were made public on the popular subreddit, /r/livestreamfails. They range in date from as far back as 2016, up to as recently as December 2019.

The Reddit thread had over 30,000 upvotes and made the front page at one point before moderators stepped in and deleted it.

We won’t repeat the messages here, but suffice it to say they’re pretty indefensible. An archive of the Discord logs can be found here.

To her credit, Jenna did own it. She first apologized on a January 14th stream. Looking rather shocked, she read through the now public messages.

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As reported by Dexerto, Jenna stated:

“I feel terrible. I’m a f**k up, but I already knew I was a f**k up, so… I’m sh**ty. […] I’m not going to lie guys, I don’t remember doing any of this, it’s not how I feel. And if I lose my partnership for it, I deserve it.”

Later in the stream she would add, “I’m sorry for hurting anyone’s feelings, you’re right. I’m sorry that I’m a f*** up, and I’m sorry that I’m a stupid and I’m sorry that I make mistakes.”

She would make a second apology a day later, that was reflective, admitting she was “incredibly wrong.”

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The statement posted to TwitLonger reads:

“Hey guys, I took a few days off to reflect on everything, I didn’t want to make a generic apology and not really mean it. I wanted to think about all of my actions, the things I said, the things I did, to really look deep inside and ask myself if that’s the person I want to be. Its not. Also, I don’t ever think ignorance is a valid excuse which is why I want to educate myself about all of these issues very well. I hurt so many people with my words I realize that my ignorance can’t be a justification so I want to use my platform to educate myself, my community, and other people around me if they don’t know about these things. These issues really matter to me so I will dedicate a lot of time into learning about them.”

Jenna continues:

“I want to apologize for bringing up the story the way that I did when I was 17 when my best friend and I kissed. I was really irresponsible in reflecting on the story without giving the full context. This has raised some red flags and caused people to misjudge the situation. I will make sure to be mindful from this point on that I’m not misunderstood in the future by my poor choice of words. I also want to be clear that I think all sexual assault is wrong and I do not advocate for any acts that are pressured/forced or made uncomfortable for anyone even if the situation may seem innocent.”

She added:

I wanted to apologize for the absolutely horrible and harmful behaviors I exhibited in my discord both recently and in the past. I am now aware how saying these kind of words can effect people and I am learning to reform the way I speak to and about others; so I can prevent any potential harm from now on. None of the things I said should have been memed or joked about because of the weight that this harmful rhetoric carries.
I will no longer be saying or allowing any of this negativity or toxicity in any parts of my life from now on.

She then concluded:

“I never thought these words I was carelessly and nonchalantly saying would cause actual harm to anyone, because that is the last thing I would want to cause. In my mind, I was using dark humor and other harmful words as a way to be edgy but I now realize how ignorant that was.
Ignorance is not any sort of excuse to justify my behaviors, my words, and my actions. This is why I will be avidly seeking education, changing my vocabulary and my community entirely.

I know that this situation was brought up entirely out of nowhere, and to be honest it blindsided me because I didn’t understand the weight of my actions. However, I am truly grateful for this lifechanging experience because it has caused me to open my eyes to the reality of my harmful words and behavior. I understand that what I did was incredibly wrong.

I truly do care for people, and I genuinely am sorry if I ever hurt anyone by my words. I want people to simply exist in peace without feeling unaccepted, misunderstood, or that they aren’t loved. I hope that this change in myself and my community will help these goals to be reached.”

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Following the initial controversy, Jenna also limited the ability to comment on her Instagram as seen below in her most recent post to the platform.

It seems that Jenna wants to learn and grow from this, and she now has the opportunity to do so.

Time will tell if she earns her partnership back, or what the future holds for Jenna. One thing is for certain, she appears to have learned a valuable life lesson.

Jenna’s situation should also be a cautionary tale for content creators.

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Not only do you represent your own brand on and off platform, but you represent these platforms too.

Fair or unfair, the things you say and do will be hyper scrutinized in today’s society. Always think before you act, speak, or type.

Leave your thoughts below.