The new Batman game allegedly coming from Warner Bros. Games Montreal is said to be a reboot of the franchise.

The Geeks WorldWide reports gamers are in for a “soft reboot” of Batman: Arkham set for release in the fall that takes place in a new continuity.

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Writer James Sigfield says the development “will come as a shock to some who were hoping to see a continuation.” One was planned but never got off the ground.

A sequel with Batman’s son/clone Damian Wayne in the cape and cowl was considered and even slated for an announcement at The Game Awards in 2016.

The game made it to the design stage. Some of the level and character designs, such as Poison Ivy and a new Black Mask, leaked online.

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There were more ideas but “management shifts” put a stop to them and “a fresh start, away from the Arkhamverse” was decided upon.

Sigfield tweeted confirmation of the plot and “new continuity,” doubling down on the soft-reboot talk. He added the “fighting and traversal systems” will stick to what players are already used to.

Full details remain “tightly under wraps” but Sigfield confirms an expanded Bat-Family is playable and the Court of Owls will be among the villains. It makes sense after the months of teases bearing various logos hinting at the Court, the League of Shadows, and the Gotham Police Department.

That all started on Batman Day in September when Bat Signals were projected against the sides of buildings all over the world.

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Titled either “Batman: Arkham Legacy” or “Capture the Knight,” the game will kickstart a new DC Game Universe that Sigfield says will be semi-cohesive.

Other DC games are rumored to be in the works, including an unrevealed one by original Batman: Arkhamverse developer Rocksteady and a next-gen Superman game for the brand-new Xbox system.

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