Reactions to Matt Reeve’s camera test last week and the unveiled Batsuit design keep coming in. Much of them are positive but, as with anything, there are critics, some of whom are harsh.

Slated composer for The Batman and Reeves’ number-one collaborator Michael Giacchino isn’t taking the negative feedback lightly. He systematically responded to some of the worst Twitter comments.

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In one instance on Valentine’s Day when one person complained there was no action, Giacchino shared a goofy GIF of actors in bad costumes modeled after the Adam West and Burt Ward years.

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At someone calling the test and suit reveal “horrible,” Giacchino wondered how the guy talks to waitstaff at restaurants.

He was rather blunt in another reply unimpressed with his previous work, Doctor Strange’s score in particular.

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When another user went with the common refrain “Who f-kin cares,” Giacchino responded succinctly, “Clearly YOU do.”

Though Giacchino conveys he is unflappable and “unconcerned,” he obviously cares enough to write people back. Someone pointed that out and then queried if it’s worth it. Giacchino responded to them too, saying, “Yup.”

He added a little later he was just having fun.

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Before scoring for the Caped Crusader, Michael Giacchino was the composer for Disney’s Up and collaborated with Matt Reeves on Let Me In, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and War for the Planet of the Apes.

Giacchino confirmed the music heard in the Batman camera test was his.

Aside from everything related to that, here is what else we know about The Batman – based on leaks: The Riddler is a major villain, Catwoman wears a black leather outfit and jacket, the funeral scene being filmed is for Gotham City’s Mayor, and the film could end up being retitled “Vengeance.” Although Vengeance could be a motivational word that actor Robert Pattinson is using, or possibly a theme The Batman will explore.

Do you have any comments for Michael Giacchino or about the camera test and the suit? Leave them below, even if they are negative.

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