Mark Ruffalo Teases Hulk vs. Wolverine Film As Well As Appearance In She-Hulk

Mark Ruffalo has had a reputation of talking about more than he should. And this weekend at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, or C2E2, was no exception. He was especially vocal about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and more particularly about the Hulk properties moving forward.

First off, he is in talks to show up as part of the She-Hulk series on Disney Plus. Second, he’s thinking about a Hulk solo series as well as a possible Hulk film with Wolverine.

She-Hulk and the Origin Story

Since the show was announced, Ruffalo has been enthusiastic about another Hulk in the lineup. He even welcomed the new addition in a tweet.

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Now Ruffalo is expressing interest in being part of the show and even noted he’s in preliminary talks to show up.

And it would only be appropriate as reports indicate that the origin story for Walters would follow the storyline in the comics, and a big part of that is the involvement of Bruce Banner. This follows the origin story of the character in Savage She-Hulk #1.

Banner in the origin story was visiting his cousin Jennifer Walters in L.A. Some mobsters target her and end up shooting her. As Walters’ life was in danger due to blood loss, Banner took it upon himself to do a transfusion.

Following the transfusion, Walters inherits some of Bruce’s Hulk properties. She turns into a massive green creature. She also acquires strength and stamina above and beyond a normal human, just like her cousin Bruce.


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Outside of that first interaction, Banner is absent from her life in the comics for the most part.

Another Bill Bixby

Ruffalo also talked about what’s going on with Universal. The studio had only one Hulk title somewhat connected to the MCU, and that one had Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. However, since then, Universal hasn’t done anything live-action featuring the Hulk. The issue is that Universal still has the rights to live-action features for the large green monster. However, Marvel Studios is still able to use the character in a solo series for streaming or television.

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Ruffalo explained the situation:

“Maybe we make it into a series and we jump through the Universal… Universal owns the rights to Hulk as a standalone movie, so that’s really why we can’t make one. But, we can do a TV show!”

Ruffalo went on to talk about how he would think a Hulk standalone show would play out.

“I’d probably kind of start him on the run again a little bit. I think that really works and in this new digital age, we’re all surveilled, that might be kind of an interesting dimension to how he stays on the run. That’s probably where we’d start- him deciding ‘I don’t want to do this anymore,’ but it’s hard now because he’s the professor. He’s hard to hide.”

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“To be totally honest with you, I want to see the movie where Banner and Hulk ultimately have to battle it out and then the Professor is sort of the brainchild of that. Kevin Feige, are you listening? We want Professor Hulk. The only person in the universe that Hulk is afraid of is Banner and I want to see the ultimate showdown between the two of them. And maybe Wolverine.”

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But what do you think about Ruffalo showing up for She-Hulk? Or having a solo series of his own? Sound off in the comments below or let’s talk about it on social media!

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